Australian School of Meditation and Yoga

The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga (ASMY) is a non-profit organisation with studios located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Each studio is run by qualified teachers offering relaxed and personable instruction incorporating asanas (yoga postures), meditation, diet, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques for a holistic yoga experience. ASMY’s philosophy and purpose is to pass on a range of yoga and meditation practices to help individuals move towards achieving their optimum physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga is a great place to learn holistic living, focusing not only on the physical and mental wellbeing, but also the spiritual wellbeing. Manager of the Brisbane studio, Gayatri Phillips says that “people often neglect their spiritual wellbeing, but in order to achieve a wonderful balance in life, we need all three.”

What’s all the fuss about spiritual wellbeing? It is a happiness that comes from deep within, giving you inner-peace, satisfaction and happiness that is not just temporary – but eternal. Which is why having a balance of mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing is the best way to live a holistic life.

At BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4 th September, the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga are offering a class in the Outdoor Marquee area from 9.00am. They’ll also have a stand with some delightful introductory offers!

Cat Cuddle Cafe 

A pawsome space for cat crazy people to cuddle cute kitties! 

Have you ever wanted to sip on a luxurious latte, nibble on some locally produced vegan-friendly goodies and have a cuddle with a furry feline at the same time? Well, the Cat Cuddle Café in Red Hill ought to be your next weekend brunch spot!

The Cat Cuddle Café opened in August 2015 and is run by cat rescue organization Pussies Galore Rescue. People can come in to get their cat fix and mingle with cats which are all available for adoption.

Pussies Galore Rescue has been running for 20 years, saving, de-sexing and re-homing unwanted, neglected, abused and abandoned cats. Four years ago, Pussies Galore Rescue also opened the Animal Rescue Support Network op-shop to raise money for various animal rescue groups.

Cat lover, owner and founder of Pussies Galore Rescue, Katina Balson, is serious about re-homing the cats that come into the rescue. Katina is also determined to be environmentally friendly; ensuring everything possible at the café and the op-shop is salvaged and recycled. Katina says “the entire fit-out at the café is with recycled materials – except the kitchen sinks – and everything used in the café is compostable.” The café exclusively serves vegetarian food with an increasing shift towards a completely vegan menu.

Cat Cuddle Café will have a stall at BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September, where you can re-purpose items for yourself from the op-shop, plus you can get your paws on an exclusive feline range of items, with all profits going back to the Pussies Galore Rescue to help them continue to rescue and re-home cats.

The Cat Cuddle Café and Pussies Galore Rescue hope to encourage the prevention of homeless animals through inspiring the community towards de-sexing their animals and always adopting their pets.

  Akasha Creative 

   Vegan friendly jewellery

Since Kayla Gonsalves was young, she was always the arty type. Constantly drawing on school books, she imagined herself becoming an artist. When she left school, Kayla pursued university, studying creative industries; however Kayla found her passion in creative unique crystal designed necklaces which brought on dozens of compliments.

In 2015 Kayla took a first time overseas trip to India, where she relished in the creativity and spirituality throughout the country. Kayla began looking at Sanskrit and came across Akasha which loosely translates to the creative force of the universe.

Akasha Creative – a completely vegan business – was born in 2015, with a focus on handmade crystal necklaces and artworks. Kayla has recently branched out into creative Vegan themed necklaces featuring avocados, pigs and cows.

So, what can you find at the Akasha Creative stand at BrisVegan Fest 2016?

Kayla will have a range of her crystal necklaces and her newly introduced vegan themed necklaces. Kayla will also feature her vegan themed artworks. 

Kayla herself has been vegan for 3 years. Sprouting out of health reasons, Kayla had experienced digestive issues while growing up, where she found out she was intolerant to dairy. Searching for healthy recipes online, Kayla kept coming across vegan recipes. She watched Gary Yourofskys speech from 2010, and began researching food industry practices which she didn’t agree with. It wasn’t long before becoming vegan was so simple, easy and made sense to Kayla.

This July, Kayla celebrates her 3 year vegan-anniversary. Big congratulations!


Perfecting the art of Vegan baking

Foodmill, a wholesale vegan baked goods store, was developed through founder Vic Sekhon, a vegetarian and food lover who always had a passion to get into the food business. Vic and his business partner Dave Singh, began looking at opportunities to make a food business dream into a reality. However, when Vic came across the concept of Veganism, he began expanding his search of food businesses to see how the market was catered. Vic and Dave agreed that a vegan food business was much more appealing than just a vegetarian business. They came across a wholesale bakery, bought it, learned the trade, and then transformed it into a vegan bakery!

At last, in February 2016, the Foodmill wholesale bakery opened in Coopers Plains.

Although Foodmill is primarily a wholesale bakery, they also sell their delicious baked goodies direct to customers via their website. They also offer a delivery service for customers online, covering areas reaching Noosa to Coolangatta and everywhere in between!

So what does Foodmill actually sell, you ask? Everything from gourmet pies, sizzling sausage rolls, candied cupcakes, and a newly introduced ready-made meal range! And the best part is – it’s all vegan! The Foodmill online store also gives you access to all bakery products and ready-made meals from Foodmill, plus a huge range of local manufacturers items including; vegan cheeses, ice cream, drinks and even body care.

You may be asking, are Dave and Vic vegans? And the answer is YES.

Vic says “the hardest thing for me to make my transition from vegetarian to vegan – was milk and dairy. I was a big milk drinker my whole life, and an avid ice cream lover. However with the choice of beginning the vegan business, I made my transition at the same time that Foodmill was up and running”. Vic now finds it easy to choose plant based milks and coconut ice-cream as his preferred choice.
As for Dave, he was also struggling with dairy, having a craving for cheese, Dave has also recently given dairy cheese the flick, and both Vic and Dave are now fully vegan.
Big congratulations!

Although Foodmill is still very young, Vic says there are plans to expand the range, both takeaway goods and grocery items. Foodmill encourages people to make suggestions towards their vegan range, Vic says “if you would like to see something in our range, please provide your feedback and make suggestions!”

At this year’s BrisVegan Fest, you can get your hands on the Foodmill baked goods range – from pies, to sausage rolls, tarts and cupcakes.
But if you can’t wait until then, get into a local café or grocery store that stocks Foodmill, or get online and place an order!