BrisVegan Fest Sunday 4th September

Love Like Hate 

A duo of electric guitar and piano with a sound described as dark pop.

Brisbane duo Heather Cheketri and Sonja Ter Horst, or better known as the beautifully dark and dramatic indie-pop duo Love Like Hate , are BrisVegan Fest’s headlining band for 2016.

Love Like Hate began creating their intricate blend of post-punk rhythm guitar, atmospheric electronics paired with piano-led melodies six years ago. Since then, the musical combo have headlined the sold-out London Vegan Beer Festival in the UK in 2011 and again in 2015 before touring on the first ever UK Vegan Roadshow. Their single Unnoticed was also voted #11 on Australia’s prominent radio chart, ‘Unearthed’ on Triple J in 2015.

The pair not only have a passion for music but are also proud animal advocates and vegans!

Knowing each other for over 15 years, both Sonja and Heather transitioned from vegetarians to vegans about nine years ago when the reality for them of animal cruelty spread across into the dairy and egg industry. Since becoming vegans, both Sonja and Heather have loved seeing all the amazing food alternatives which have surfaced in the last few years especially in Brisbane. The duo is looking forward to meeting all the like-minded people at BrisVegan Fest as well as trying a number of nourishing food selections on Sunday 4th September.

Love Like Hate are currently recording their debut album with ARIA nominated producer Lachlan Mitchell (The Vines, The Jezabels), who also produced their previous critically acclaimed EP releases ‘Unnoticed’ and ‘Rabbit Hole’, their debut album is due for release in 2017.

You can hear Love Like Hate live on Sunday 4th September at BrisVegan Fest in the bar area from 11.15am!

Sophia Fletcher

Sophia Fletcher is an earthy and soulful singer/songwriter travelling from Byron Bay. Sophia’s music will take you on a journey, through unity of purpose, freedom and joy – balanced with sorrow and injustice. Her music focuses on animal welfare and environmental issues facing humanity.

Hear Sophia Fletcher from 10.00am at BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September at the Outdoor Marquee area.

Infinite Harmony

Melodic duo Jonce and Melissa, are Infinite Harmony, playing the east coast of Australia, hailing from the Gold Coast. The pair describe themselves as ‘wandering vegan gypsy’s’, playing hand pans tuned to the healing and love frequency. The sound of Infinite Harmony gives off beautifully compassionate, positive vibes of energy.

You can hear Infinite Harmony at BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September from 8.00am at the Outdoor Marquee area.

Lucy Gallant

Since 2011, Australian powerhouse Lucy Gallant has been touring the world with her band Free Like Me, performing for epic crowds at almost every major festival from Glastonbury to Splendour in the Grass. Lucy is a talented songwriter and percussionist. Lucy, alongside her band Free Like Me has become the reigning pied piper of new paradigm pop, injecting fans with an amplified joy for life and an uncontrollable desire to come together and dance!

You can hear Lucy Gallant from 10.00am at the Indoor Bar Stage on Sunday 4th September at BrisVegan Fest.


Nicholas Humblet is a passionate Brisbane based musical talent – and the voice behind Humblet. A conscientious folk and blues singer/songwriter, he stands alone as a humble and honest guitarist with an eco-ethos, a big love for the earth, and a hope for a better future. A spirited vegan, Humblet is a proud activist, involving himself in fundraising for Sea Shepard and Farm Animal Rescue, he has invested in the idea of being kind to all living creatures.

You can hear Humblet live at BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September from 10.45am in the Outdoor Marquee area.

Fabio Tolli

Fabio Tolli is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Brisbane. He is passionate about playing music, believing that music can be a way for everyone to connect, and when willing, it can open our hearts to what’s inside. Fabio’s music is inspired by The Beatles, Bernard Fanning, Live and his own life experiences – Fabio enjoys writing about things he finds real and true to him.

Hear Fabio play from 11.20am in the Outdoor Marquee Area at BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September.

Gem Stone

Passionate activist and talented musician

Gem Stone is a soloist singer/songwriter playing covers and originals in a mixture of folk, pop and rock. Writing songs since she was a child, Gem first performed at the tender age of nine with her aunty, singing country music. Gem plays every month at a café in the Sunshine Coast, and performs at many other venues across the south-east. Gem has been a vegan for two years after being vegetarian for 13 years before, her only regret was not going vegan sooner. Once Gem learned of the cruelty involved in consuming eggs and dairy, it wasn’t difficult for her to make a switch.

This talented musical beauty currently volunteers her time with Coast to Coast Animal Friends at cruelty free pop up events. She’s also performed at Vegan Day Out in 2015 which has been a marvelous highlight so far.

Gem is really looking forward to connecting with other like-minded people at BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September, as well as getting her hands on all the yummy food available! She’s also looking forward to soaking up the peaceful atmosphere at the festival.

To keep up to date with gigs Gem is playing at, plus to find out about her upcoming EP release, check her out on Facebook. You can hear Gem Stone live at BrisVegan Fest from 12.05pm at the Outdoor Marquee area.

Ladi Abundance

Ladi Abundance is a Brisbane based vocalist and composer whose music encompasses feminine empowerment, spiritual evolution and emotional processing. Ladi Abundance shares a perspective into her inner-world with honest tracks that add spice through soul, hip-hop and ambient electronica. Her music is melodic, rich in harmony and dramatic.

You can hear Ladi Abundance at BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September from 2.15pm at the Indoor Bar Stage. 

Des Reid

On solo guitar, Des Reid plays many funky tunes, plus eclectic compositions featuring world music – Indian, Arabic fusion and live looping, plus his beats. Des is a part of the band Step It Up at Brisbane Jazz Club.

He has been around the world musically, playing reggae in Brixton, punk in Manchester and folk in ancient Yorkshire folk clubs. He is also an electronic producer and DJ.

You can hear Des Reid at BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September from 12.55pm at the Outdoor Marquee.