Speakers and Workshops

BrisVegan Fest Sunday 4th September


James Aspey

P romoting peace, justice, equality and respect

James Aspey has quickly become a household name for animal activism. First beamed into the public eye in 2014 when he began a 365 day vow of silence – becoming voiceless for the voiceless animals. Since he’s appeared in the spotlight, James has taken every opportunity possible to speak about animal rights and encouraging a vegan lifestyle, speaking on several panels across the country. James has been touring Australia offering his message of peace at universities and high schools.

James was vegetarian for over a year before he discovered sadistic customs in the egg and dairy industry and made the decision to go vegan and take a 365 day vow of silence to travel around Australia raising awareness for animals.  James Aspey began his Voiceless365 journey on 1 st January 2014.

James emphasises for those unsure about adopting a vegan lifestyle – veganism isn’t extreme, “being against animal abuse is something that nearly 99% of people believe in… committing to anything less than a vegan lifestyle goes against the belief of preventing harm to animals.” James strongly believes it’s our responsibility as human beings to prevent animal exploitation, as it only exists due to the demand for animal based products.

James is the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September. James says he is “looking forward to being surrounded by like-minded people who are doing their part to contribute to a vegan lifestyle.” James hopes to see everyone at the festival supporting each other and the event, as he believes its important for everyone to come together and feel supported and encouraged by other like-minded people. James is excited to hear from the thought-provoking speakers at the festival, and eat from the delicious food vendors. James anticipates an exciting, supportive, compassionate and educational day for everyone attending, and he’s eager to meet people who are united towards the vegan movement.

Jackson Walkden-Brown

Animal Law in Australia 

Assistant Professor Jackson Walkden-Brown is an academic and PhD candidate at Bond University School of Law. His principal area of research and teaching is Animal Law. Having been raised on a farm and surrounded by animals for most of his life, Jackson has had a long-standing interest in animal protection and the natural environment. 

He has taught Animal Law at Bond University every year since 2008 and regularly presents at animal law conferences. His most recent publications concern animals in entertainment and animal law education. Also a practicing solicitor, Jackson regularly provides legal advice to animal protection advocates and organisations.

Hear from Jackson in the Speakers Hall freom 9.15am on Sunday 4th September at BrisVegan Fest.

Animal Liberation Queensland

Animal Liberation Queensland's mission is to protect all animals from abuse, exploitation and suffering; to foster respectful and compassionate community attitudes towards animals; and to promote veganism as the most ethical and ecologically sustainable lifestyle.

Animal Liberations Queensland's campaigners will give an overview of their main vegan campaign work in 2010 with a spotlight on their headline-grabbing Ditch Dairy campaign work.  Head along to find out about their work to create a more compassionate world and perhaps get inspired to join their vibrant 100% volunteer-run team!  

Hear from ALQ from 9.35am in the Speakers Hall at BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September 

Farm Animal Rescue 

Brad King

Brad King is the President of Farm Animal Rescue, a sanctuary-based animal rights organisation operating just north-west of Brisbane.  Farm Animal Rescue advocates exclusively on behalf of animals used in the food and clothing industries. Brad will be discussing some lesser known issues with farming of animals in the agriculture industry.

Hear from Brad at 10.35am in the Speakers Hall on Sunday 4th September at BrisVegan Fest.


Marketing yourself online

Leigh-Chantelle is a published author, international speaker and consultant, who lives mostly in Brisbane, Australia. She gives lectures, workshops, consultations, and coaching on online marketing, communication, and vegan health and lifestyle. Leigh-Chantelle been vegan for almost 20 years, and has run the online vegan community Viva la Vegan! since 2005, bringing positive education, information and vegan outreach to a worldwide audience. Her most recent book, is a collection of interviews with over 100 vegan athletes from all over the world. She previously founded and ran the not-for-profit environmental awareness Green Earth Group from 2009-2013, which put on two successful all-vegan environmental festivals in Brisbane.

Hear from Leigh-Chantelle in the Speakers Hall from 12.00pm on Sunday 4th September at BrisVegan Fest.

Cruelty Free Super

The Vegan Route to Retirement with Lee Coates

Lee Coates established the first vegan investment fund in the United Kingdom in 1992, pioneering the concept that animal welfare issues were as important as human rights and the environment. In 2010, he launched Cruelty Free Super in Australia, building on the success of the UK funds. Lee has been an ethical financial planner in the UK for 27 years, and in 2011 was awarded an OBE for services to ethical businesses and finance.

At BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September, Lee is going to share why Cruelty Free Super is the Vegan Route to Retirement.

Holly Moffitt

Nutrition and Wellbeing Panel

Holly Moffitt (George) is a Bachelor qualified vegan Naturopath and mum. Passionate about healthy and ethical living, Holly loves nothing more than making these concepts practical and easy to understand. With your health truly in your hands it is time to make a stand and live the life you were meant to.

Hear from Holly from 12.30pm in the Speakers Hall for the Nutrition and Wellbeing panel discussion.

Sarah Farley

Nutrition and Wellbeing Panel

Sarah Farley is a qualified, professionally registered naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist. Sarah uses a holistic, spiritual and scientific approach to health care, incorporating herbs, nutrition, lifestyle, body, mind and soul. Sarah focuses on the healing power of nature and using a ‘food-as-medicine’ approach, she specialises in providing individualised diet and lifestyle programs, as well as addiction support, nutritional and herbal medicine.

Hear from Sarah from 12.30pm in the Speakers Hall for the Nutrition and Wellbeing panel discussion.

Amanda Benham

Nutrition and Wellbeing Panel

Amanda Benham is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist specialising in plant-based nutrition with more than 20 years experience.  She is passionate about helping people adopt better eating habits to achieve optimal nutrient intake and better health, and has published in this area. As well as running her private practice, Amanda teaches at QUT, where she is currently undertaking a PhD.

Amanda has been a vegan since 1983 and has two adult children who are lifelong vegans.

Alejandro Cancino

Fenn Foods

Alejandro Cancino is an award-winning elite Argentinian chef, achieving a scholarship to France when he was 17, earning Chef of the Year in the UK when he was 24, he has been Head Chef at many prominent restaurants throughout the world and is now co-owner of contemporary Brisbane restaurant Urbane.  On top of all that, Alejandro is a vegan and has created a wholly plant-based food business – Fenn Foods.

Alejandro’s aim with Fenn Foods is to create delicious vegan products which make people’s lives easier when it comes to choosing vegan over animal-based products.

Catch Alejandro from Fenn Foods at BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September from 1.10pm in the Speakers Hall.

Billy Simmonds

Vegan Fitness Panel

Billy Simmonds is a professional natural bodybuilder, powerlifter, martial artist and vegan! Billy was vegetarian for over 10 years and was always an avid advocate for plant-based nutrition. In 2010, he began educating himself on the cruel aspects of free-range eggs, the dairy industry and realised these practices didn’t fit in with the reason he went vegetarian – for the animals – so he decided to go vegan.

Billy will be sharing fitness and nutrition advice during the Vegan fitness panel from 1.35pm in the Speakers Hall on Sunday 4th September. 

Crissi Carvalho

Vegan Fitness Panel

Crissi Carvalho is a fitness model competitor and is the current Australasian bikini masters champion, Crissi is an international online trainer and health coach, she has just opened her NEW Vegan Fitness Studio on the Gold Coast, runs Vegan Fitness Food – her meal prep business, author of Vegan Fitness Food – a meal prep ebook and is a vegan!

When Crissi Carvalho started in the fitness industry, she was just 16, where she spent the next 12 years of her life in personal training, teaching aerobics and competing – in sport aerobics and fitness model competitions. Crissi had practiced and taught the traditional fitness industry diet methods, which left her with eating disorders and a negative mindset, which drove her to leave the industry.

Crissi made the switch to veganism at 38 years old, for a number of reasons. Firstly, Crissi had a cancer health scare when she was 36, and on top of that, she had constant acne, bloating and migraines. When Crissi became aware of the animal cruelty involved in the meat and dairy industry, she was shocked that she was contributing to this constant cruelty, and she decided to stop eating meat!

After educating herself more about health, wellness and how to live a thriving plant-based lifestyle, Crissi decided to re-enter the fitness industry, but now as a vegan. To gain the respect of the industry once again, Crissi decided to compete in bodybuilding fitness shows, to prove to others and herself that vegans not only survive, but also thrive.

Crissi will be speaking about how to fuel your body in the right way, as an everyday person and as an athlete – on a plant based vegan diet.

Hear from Crissi Carvalho at BrisVegan Fest from 1.35pm in the Speakers Hall.

Regan the Vegan

Vegan Fitness panel

Regan the Vegan has become an internet sensation from his ‘Why I Went Vegan’ video which creatively put a light-hearted spin on veganism.

In early 2012 Regan, became interested in improving his diet because wasn’t eating well and then compensated for a poor diet by exercising. Upon watching the documentary Forks Over Knives, Regan went vegetarian for a week, and then quickly switched to a 100% plant based diet. At the time, Regan was opening his eyes to meditation and learning about living with kindness and compassion – which led him to believing in his vegan cause much more, for ethical and environmental reasons, as well as health benefits.

Regan will be speaking on the Vegan Fitness Panel and he is hoping to share with everyone about living naturally and veganism’s role in living a long, happy and healthy life.

You can hear from Regan the Vegan at BrisVegan Fest from 1.35pm in the Speakers Hall.

Cameron Green

Cooking with Seitan

Cameron Green is a passionate vegan who LOVES eating, which means he also loves cooking! Having once owned a vegan restaurant, Cameron believes in allowing people to try delicious vegan food is an essential part of promoting veganism. He will be performing a cooking demonstration to show how easy it is to cook with seitan, showing how simple it is to make and dispell any myths that mock meats are full of complicated ingredients.

You can see Camerons cooking demonstration from 2.00pm in the Outdoor Marquee Zone at this years BrisVegan Fest on Sunday 4th September.